Woof Woof!! It’s me Bonnie, and I wanted to tell you all about my recent escapade to one of my favourite places on Earth – Crantock Beach. OK, before we get onto the good stuff I know that your hoomans will want to know about the boring bits like how to get here and parking….yawn! My mum says that it is 3.5 miles from home (which isn’t very far in the car) and there are 2 car parks: 1 is National Trust (free parking for members and non members need to pay) but in summer months this fills up pretty quickly so make sure you wake your hoomans up early by licking their ears! The other car park is next to the NT one and payment is by cash only. There are also toilets (for humans obviously!) in the NT car park. And Crantock beach is dog friendly all year round – whoopee!!

Right now for the good bits……..

The moment we arrive in the car park at this sandy paradise, my tail wags uncontrollably and I whine with excitement. From the vast expanse of sand to the soothing sea and delightful pools, Crantock Beach has everything a pup like me could dream of. Oh, and did I mention the delicious treats I get from the fabulous ladies at the Cargo Coffee van?

As soon as we set foot on Crantock Beach, my paws sink into the soft, golden sand. The beach seems endless (mum says it’s best at low tide), offering plenty of room for me to roam and explore. I chase seagulls, leaving them with no choice but to take flight! The rhythmic sound of waves crashing against the shore is like music to my ears, and I can’t resist running towards the Gannel river which is just over the sand dunes from the car park. I leap and bound, feeling the water spray on my coat, and it’s pure exhilaration!

One of the best things about Crantock Beach is the series of tidal pools scattered across the shore. These little pockets of water form naturally, and they are perfect for a water-loving pup like me. I often have to share these pools with little humans, which I don’t mind at all but sometimes they don’t like me shaking at them…. I mean go figure!!  Sometimes, I even take a moment to lie down in these tranquil oases, basking in the warmth of the sun. Each pool is a unique experience, and I savour every moment of relaxation. When we walk to the far side of the beach, the beach gets quieter and my hoomans don’t shout “ Bonnie stay away from the picnic/blanket/small child” as often!!

At this end of the beach, I can see C-bay Bistro above us on the clifftop but I will tell you about there another day as I am sure mum and her friend will take me there again soon ….

But furry friends, the very best thing about Crantock beach are the treats from The Cargo Coffee army truck. Every time we visit, I know I’m in for a delightful surprise. The lovely, friendly ladies who run the van always greet me by name with warm smiles. Mum and dad make me wait patiently (whatever that means) at the bottom of the ladder until it is my turn. It can feel like forever for my little puppy brain but I am told that it is only a few minutes before Michelle or Carey hand over a scrumptious treat just for me. I can climb almost all of the way up the ladder to make this task easier for them – I mean I don’t want them to fall out of the van trying to reach me! I know they sell other things as well as there are always lots of hoomans queuing up for hot drinks, sandwiches, cakes and ice creams but I don’t get any of these for some reason?

Anyway, until my next Cornish adventure, Lots of licks and sniffs, Bonnie xx

Woof! I’m thrilled to share my pawsome beach adventures and the incredible joy I experience as a furry explorer. My name is Bonnie the labradoodle, and I live here at Trerice Manor Farm with my humans (mum Tori and dad Kev). I’ve got a wagging tail and a wet nose to tell you all about the life I lead here in Cornwall and some of the adventures you could have if you can persuade your humans to bring you on holiday to visit me at Trerice Holiday Barns.

From sandy strolls to refreshing swims in the sea, and of course, the endless treats and attention, let me take you on a delightful journey through my canine perspective.

The Beach, My Happy Place There’s something magical about the beach—it’s my ultimate happy place. The moment we step onto the soft sand, I can’t help but leap with excitement; in fact I start whining with excitement before the humans have even parked the car!! The tantalizing scent of saltwater fills the air, inviting me to embark on an adventure like no other. My paws eagerly dig into the sand as I prance along the shoreline, feeling the cool breeze on my fur. Mum says I prance like only a poodle can? Not sure what she means but maybe you guys do? I just walk like I was born to walk!

Splashing in the Sea Ah, the sea! The vast expanse of sparkling turquoise water beckons me to dive right in. With boundless enthusiasm, I charge towards the water and leap fearlessly into the rolling surf. The sensation of the salty waves splashing against my coat is pure bliss. Mum laughs because, even though according to her, I am a very graceful swimmer, I would much rather just paddle in the sea and the rockpools, as well as my personal favourite activity of sticking my head under the water and throwing my head back to splash any innocent bystanders! Mum says it’s like the Timotei advert?? Now I have no idea what Timotei is (TBH I have no idea what she is talking about most of the time but don’t tell her that because I do still love to hear her voice so I know she is there); Dad says that she is showing her age because he doesn’t think they even make Timotei anymore?!!

Anyway, moving on to my other love in life after the beach………..

Treats, Oh So Tasty! Who can resist treats? Not me, that’s for sure! The beach is a treasure trove of tantalizing scents and delicious snacks. From the savory aroma of grilled burgers to the sweet fragrance of ice cream wafting through the air, my nose guides me towards the irresistible treats. Sometimes my presence at a BBQ on the beach is not always welcome (how rude!!) but most of the time, if my humans think I have been “A GOOD GIRL” I get a treat from other dogs’ humans and from the numerous places my mum takes me.
TOP TIP: Gaze up with your puppy dog eyes at every counter in most shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants in Cornwall and a treat magically arrives!!

So to conclude my first post in my own special blog:
Being a beach-loving dog has its perks, and I love every moment spent on the sandy beaches, in the sea or walking the coast path. From the sheer joy of exploring new scents to the simple pleasures of treats and attention, the beach is a haven that brings out the best in me. So, if you ever find yourself strolling along the coastline, keep an eye out for me—I’ll be the furry friend with a sparkle in my eyes, ready to share the wonders of Cornwall with you. Until then, let’s keep wagging and exploring together!

Woofs and tail wags, Bonnie xx